Glendale, Missouri

Kerri Simon's FITstl (Functional Innovative Training stl), located in Glendale, Missouri, is a small group personal training studio that provides an innovative approach to functional training and strength training.

Anniversary Sale and February Challenge

February 2017 marks ONE YEAR that FITstl has been open! It has been an amazing and exciting time and it is people like YOU that have made it successful! Thank you!




  • Feb 1st - 28th receive 20% OFF drop-ins and class packages! That's $120 for 10 classes and $16 for drop-ins.
  • Also, Group Training clients will receive 10% OFF their training sessions in the month of February!


This year I am committed to help you reach your fitness/health GOALS and I'm kicking it off with a FITstl Challenge!

  • Exercise - Every time you come in FITstl in the month of February, your name is entered to win a FITstl apparel item! The more you come in, the more times your name is entered to win AND you will get closer to reach your GOALS! Winners are drawn weekly (4 winners total).

  • Food Journaling - Keep up with your food consumption by using an app or handwriting in a journal. Nutrition is an important part of reaching your GOALS! Food journaling will help! Look for new recipes posted at FITstl too! (Recommended apps: Lose It or My Fitness Pal)

  • Drink Water - Make sure you are drinking plenty of water every single day!

  • Stay Active - Throughout the day, keep moving! Take a walk, do sit-ups while watching TV, start squats while cooking dinner.

This month look for new exercises added to FITstl classes too.