Glendale, Missouri

Kerri Simon's FITstl (Functional Innovative Training stl), located in Glendale, Missouri, is a small group personal training studio that provides an innovative approach to functional training and strength training.

April 12th, 2016 | Nutrition Expert at FITstl

Mark your calendars!
Tuesday, April 12

Nutrition Expert at FITstl

At FITstl, we believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that the fuel we put in our bodies helps us take our fitness goals to the next level. To help our clients continue to work towards their goals, we are thrilled to announce that Jennifer McDaniel, founder & owner of McDaniel Nutrition Therapy, will be sharing her expertise with us at FITstl!

Jennifer will spend 30 minutes discussing 3 strategies you can use to ensure your nutrition supports your training and then 30 minutes for question & answers about the programs she offers and any other nutrition questions.

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